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Flying for fun in the UK's only CAA Approved Paratrike

Paratrike Training

M: 07929 320 343


The Aerochute is a Fun, economical and simple way to fly. The Aerochute is the only fully CAA certified Paratrike available in the UK. Designed specifically with safety and ease of operation in mind. The Aerochute Tandem Paramotor Trike or Paratrike, is designed to be stall and spin proof. In the case of an engine failure it simply lands safely as a parachute would.


You can be solo in the Aerochute after just 4 hours of training. If you book an Experience Flight in our Aerochute Paratrike, you will given the chance to take the controls. It's a great way to get into the air. Fully approved training to the CAA / BMAA training syllabus and Aerochute Trained instructor.


Come and find out for yourself. We are taking bookings for spring 2015 trial flights and paramotor trike training now.


Paramotor Trike / Paratrike in 2015

Flying for the Fun of it!

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Come Paramotor trike with join us in 2015. We are teach to the BMAA / CAA syllabus in the UK's only CAA BCAR section S approved paratrike. Fun and safe

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